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Visit Thessaloniki in half a day

3,93 km
When going to Thessaloniki, we should definitely make sure that we don't skip the touristic highlights of this beautiful city. The trail combines visiting the magnificent historical and archaeological monuments - most of which can be enjoyed for free - with relaxation, also hooking us up with some local delicacies, without which our trip simply wouldn't be complete.The total length of the trail is 4 kilometers. This is enough to visit all the major sights located in the center of the city, as well as to explore its leisure side.
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  • The Atatürk Museum is open every day except Monday.On the route from the Church of Saint Demetrius to the Holy Monastery of Saint Theodora, it is worth stopping at the Bezesteni Covered Market, which, however, can now only be seen from the outside due to its renovation.If you take a walk in a Greek city, never forget to grab a coffee! Along the route, you will pass characteristic Greek coffee "stalls" and cafes, such as Coffee Island and Mikel.
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