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How to create a tour?

Follow these simple steps:

1. Register your account on

2. Create the title and the description of the tour, add a main photo.

3. Set a starting point on the map, add photos, description and cool facts.

4. You can add a quiz to each site on the tour.

5. Fill out your profile information.

6. Allow the system to verify that all requirements for creating a tour have been met.

7. Publish your tour and wait first customers.

8. Share your tour on social media.

9 You can make as many tours as you want. Make it engaging and fun.

Who can make money for creating tours?

Anybody who creates an interesting tour, who wants to share his/her knowledge about his/her favorite sites, books, TV shows, etc. Please join us.

Download the app

Check out StoryPlanetGo! Download the app, choose the tour. First 3 sites are free.
Make comments, add your own pictures

Do you know your neighbourhood better than anybody else? Do you want to share your knowledge about your favorite TV show? Create a tour and let others enjoy it.