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  • Story Planet Go- Adventure awaits!!

    Mobile app that will take you on tours created by pros and enthusiasts all over the world

  • Story Planet Go- Adventure awaits!!

    Explore Paris with Emily

  • Story Planet Go- Adventure awaits!!

    Visit Thessaloniki in half a day


What is StoryPlanetGo?

StoryPlanetGo is your virtual guide to the world of books, cinema, sports, etc. With this app you will get a chance to see places visited by your favorite book or movie character, athlete or your music idol. You will find great places to visit both in major cities and small towns.

StoryPlanetGo will be with you on your vacation and your weekend geteway. Download this free app and choose the tour based on your location, interests or available time. In-app purchases will support the tour creators.


Interactive maps that will guide you from the beginning of the tour to its last point. Testimonial and audio descriptions will reveal the stories of known and unknown buildings, streets and other places related to your chosen tour! Photos, videos and interesting facts will make the tour even more exciting! You will test your knowledge by taking part in tasks for the completion of which you will receive points! Collect them, because it’s worth it! More details coming soon.

Did you like the tour? Would you like to make comments on a particular place? You can do it with StoryPlaneGo!

A local or a tourist? It doesn’t matter. With StoryPlanetGo you will find interesting facts, places to see, things to do and captivating stories to track down. Stories are everywhere and for everyone.

With StoryPlanetGo, you won’t waste any time or money exploring your chosen city without a guide. Simply choose what interests you from a rich database of itineraries prepared by travelers for travelers.
Follow the stories.

How much does it cost?

Every tour is just 25 zl. Half of it goes to tour creators.

Download the app

Check out StoryPlanetGo! Download the app, choose the tour. First 3 sites are free.
Make comments, add your own pictures

Do you know your neighbourhood better than anybody else? Do you want to share your knowledge about your favorite TV show? Create a tour and let others enjoy it.

Do you have questions? Contact us if you want to join our team.

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