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  • Story Planet Go – Adventure awaits!!

    At Story Planet, anyone can become a travel guide and monetize their knowledge

  • Story Planet Go – Adventure awaits!!

    You create and put your tour in the app once, and then you get paid for it every time it is sold

  • Story Planet Go – Adventure awaits!!

    Join us today!


What is StoryPlanetGo?

Story Planet Go – a mobile application with ready-made tours.
Story Planet Go was created out of our love for travel and fascinating, unique stories. It is the first marketplace connecting tourists and tour creators tours.

We believe that traveling can be a great pleasure and a way to make money at the same time.

At AirBnB, anyone can become a hotelier.

At, anyone can monetize their photos.

At StoryPlanet, anyone can become a travel guide and monetize their knowledge – without leaving home.


Establish a partnership
  • How does Story Planet Go work?

    Travelers, enthusiasts and fans of stories and heroes of our world create amazing tours for you. Every day, at any time you choose, 365 days a year, we make them available on the app and give you the opportunity to explore in the footsteps of your favorite stories too. Everything you need to explore the world with a guide tucked away in your mobile

  • Interactive maps that will guide you from the beginning of the tour to its last point. Testimonial and audio descriptions will reveal the stories of known and unknown buildings, streets and other places related to your chosen tour! Photos, videos and interesting facts will make the tour even more exciting! You will test your knowledge by taking part in tasks for the completion of which you will receive points! Collect them, because it’s worth it! More details coming soon.

Is it worth it?
Billing rules

First of all, in Story Planet Go you create and put your tour in the app once, and then you get paid for it every time it is sold.

Second – you make money by not guiding tourists. You don’t have to worry about Covid or other unpleasant situations. You can relax and at the same time earn money from each tour sold.

Any amount from the purchase of your tour is divided between SPG and you according to the rules established in the regulations. You can count on a minimum of 50% from each of your tours sold.

Our role is to make sure that your tours are always available, tourists learn about them and your payout is on time.

Establish a partnership

How to start a partnership?

Create an account for tour guides on StoryPlanetGo,

Prepare a description of the tour in text form, photos,

Think about tasks in the form of quizzes

Add the tour to the panel – it’s really easy!

After the tour is automatically verified, share it on mobile apps

Download the app

Check out StoryPlanetGo! Download the app, choose the tour. First 3 sites are free.
Make comments, add your own pictures

Do you know your neighbourhood better than anybody else? Do you want to share your knowledge about your favorite TV show? Create a tour and let others enjoy it.

Do you have questions? Contact us if you want to join our team.

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