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Multicultural Praga

1,91 km
Above the roofs of old Praga rose the tops of temples of many faiths, to this day the panorama of the district is dominated by the towers of St. Florian's Church and the domes of the St. Mary Magdalene Orthodox Church, unfortunately, the characteristic silhouette of the round synagogue is already missing. In Praga, as nowhere else in Warsaw, not only individual houses, but entire pre-war streets have been preserved. Poles, Jews, Russians, Germans, and representatives of other nations lived here side by side, which can still be read from the surviving pre-war inscriptions and symbols. Multinationality is now only a memory, but of all Warsaw's districts, the old atmosphere and folklore remained most vivid precisely in Praga. Here, as years ago, you can eat the famous dumplings and tripe, trade at the Różycki bazaar, or hear the Warsaw dialect, so come with us "to Praga".
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  • The basic tour does not include admissions to the sites.However, I recommend nearby museums, which you can visit on your own. Information about exhibitions and ticket prices on the museums' websites.Museum of Warsaw's Praga - of Vodka -
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