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The Dubai Downtown – a short story about a powerful city grown in the desert

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Back in the 1950s, Dubai was a small, slowly growing port city without electricity. In the early 1960s, with only a primary school education, Sheikh Rashid ibn Sa'id al ibn Maktum, thanks to his great imagination and money borrowed from Kuwait, laid the foundations of today's metropolis. It is said that his decision was influenced by a trip to New York, where he became enthralled with skyscrapers. He started by expanding the port, electrified the city and built waterworks. Rashid's brother, Sheikh Zaid, who took over in 1966 took up his brother's idea and commissioned a vision of a modern city built on sand. His son continued his father and uncle's work and set his sights on diversifying the economy - into tourism and trade and financial services. In this way, within half a century, a city was created that is a tax haven, the heart of global business and tourism. The largest city of the United Arab Emirates, but also one of the most magnificent and richest places in the world. Dubai is a city of endless possibilities. There is something for everyone here. I have a feeling that you can explore it endlessly.My story will show you only a tiny part of the place, to which you have to keep coming back and rediscovering its cultural richness. Tourists usually travel around Dubai by cars (cabs) or metro. It is not a pedestrian-friendly city. However, this trail lays out the route you need to take on foot. It is not long. If you're in a hurry and don't intend to visit the buildings, you can walk it in as little as a few dozen minutes. However, if you want to see all the attractions I write about here, even reserve a whole day! We will focus on Downtown Dubai - the heart of the city, a must-see place for tourists, where there are modern, famous buildings, fountains, five-star hotels, world-class shopping malls and beautiful promenades, but also a green place of rest (Burj Park) and one of the biggest cultural attractions - Dubai Opera.
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  • Dubai is the arabic area so you have to know the local rules before visiting emirates. Don’t use your left hand when greeting because it’s traditionally used for “body hygiene” in Muslim cultures. If you happen to be in Dubai during the holy month of Ramadan (the ninth month of the Islamic calendar), do not eat, drink or smoke (or even chew the gum!) in public. Remember that it’s disrespectful to take photos without receiving the proper consent, especially if you’re trying to take photos of women and children.See at:
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